Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eschatology - Introduction and Definitions - Steve Gregg

This is Steve Gregg's classic Eschatology series (the study of End Times) titled When Shall These Things Be?

This introductory lecture covers definitions of eschatology, the coming of Christ, rapture, millenium and the different millenial views, dispensationalism and Antichrist. These will be very helpful in gaining a grasp on the different views of eschatology.

The audio series also may be downloaded to play on your iPod, computer, etc at

Right-click here and Save to download Steve's outline of his Eschatology lectures.

They are also embedded below. This first lecture is outlined on the first page.

Video series created by MsCread

Right click here and Save to download a student's much more detailed notes of Steve's eschatology series. They are also embedded below.