Friday, May 10, 2013

Isaiah | Motif # 6 - The King and His Kingdom (part 2) | Steve Gregg

Steve Gregg of The Narrow Path teaches on the motif in the book of Isaiah of "The King and His Kingdom." He covers the repeated statements and prophecies of the kingdom that Jesus Christ would establish in the first century. Jesus is reigning as we king and we Christians (his disciples), are his subjects.

This is the second of two lectures on this motif.

Steve gives lectures each on 6 different motifs in Isaiah:

  1. Imagery of Nations
  2. Symbolic Imagery of Warfare, Judgment and Redemption
  3. From Bondage to Nationhood
  4. Barrenness and Fruitfulness
  5. The Servant of Yahweh
  6. The King and his Kingdom