Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Isaiah | Motif # 4 - Barrenness & Fruitfulness (part 2) - Blossoming Desert & Birth of a Nation | Steve Gregg

Prior to his verse by verse study of Isaiah, Steve Gregg looks into some major motifs throughout the book. This is 2nd of two lectures on "Barrenness & Fruitfulness." This one specifically concerns the Blossoming Desert and Birth of a Nation.

Steve gives 2 lectures each on 6 different motifs in Isaiah:

  1. Imagery of Nations
  2. Symbolic Imagery of Warfare, Judgment and Redemption
  3. From Bondage to Nationhood
  4. Barrenness and Fruitfulness
  5. The Servant of Yahweh
  6. The King and his Kingdom